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We provide a range of products to suit the specific needs for each project. We work with each client to create a tailored approach for their water ingress issues.

Learn more about the solutions and applications we can provide on construction, infrastructure, mining and tunnels projects.


Ground / Ceiling slab flexible & permanent water stop and sealant


Structural wall flexible & permanent water stop and sealant


Inground rock, Masonry, Concrete / shotcrete flexible & permanent water stop and sealant – DWseal S200


Road, Runway & track surfaces flexible & permanent water stop and sealant – DWseal S250

Environmentally Friendly

Our products and all the ingredients are internationally EPA approved and contain non-toxic substances, are non-carcinogenic and can be handled without the need for gloves. This was a major focus for us in the R & D and plan for our product as we see what is currently used in the market. We wanted to remove the stigma that you cannot have a non-toxic substance that actually delivers results, and we have succeeded.

Two Pack Solution

Our two-pack solution forms a
permanent and flexible rubber
seal within cracks and fractures
in concrete, sandstone and
various other substrates.

Water Tight Seal

DWSeal Solution can be injected
under high or low pressure to
create a flexible, permanent
and water tight seal.

New Product Innovation

Our product is one of a kind.
During extensive worldwide
patent searches, we have not
come across any similar system.

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